NHM visitors fall in love all the time. To encourage amorous attachment, we’ve chosen more than 250 Objects of Affection from our NHM Next galleries and gardens to offer for sponsorship.

They range from the California bush snapdragon, which will attract hummingbirds to the North Campus, to a 55-million-year-old ancestral lemur in Age of Mammals. Priced from $1,000 - $250,000, funds will support NHM ongoing programs including free school visits. Gifts below $1,000 celebrate the finding, sorting, and conserving of NHM collections. Be recognized in the Grand Foyer, or on our website, as an NHM donor. But make haste! Don’t suffer the heartbreak of your Object of Affection running off with someone else.

Your gift will be used to support ongoing programs at NHM including:

Lm School Visits Lm New Programs Lm Conservation
NHM Next

A campaign to reinvent the Natural History Museum as a 21st Century Museum.


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