NHM visitors fall in love all the time. To encourage amorous attachment, we’ve chosen more than 250 Objects of Affection from our NHM Next galleries and gardens to offer for sponsorship.

They range from the California bush snapdragon, which will attract hummingbirds to the North Campus, to a 55-million-year-old ancestral lemur in Age of Mammals. Priced from $1,000 - $250,000, funds will support NHM ongoing programs including free school visits. Gifts below $1,000 celebrate the finding, sorting, and conserving of NHM collections. Be recognized in the Grand Foyer, or on our website, as an NHM donor. But make haste! Don’t suffer the heartbreak of your Object of Affection running off with someone else.

Your gift will be used to support ongoing programs at NHM including:

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  • What is the Object of Affection program?

    Object of Affection is a creative way to make a donation to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, while celebrating the unique array of objects and specimens held at the Museum. We have selected 250 objects for individual sponsorship, and donors are invited to select the object that is just right for them. Each object can only be sponsored once. Donors are invited to leave a “love letter” sharing a story about why they picked a certain object or why they love to support the NHM. Objects can be sponsored by individuals or organizations, and make terrific gifts or tributes in honor of loved ones.

  • Will I actually be receiving the object I sponsor?

    Although you won’t receive anything tangible in return, your donation will help to support NHM exhibitions and programs. We are pleased to recognize your gift in a variety of ways, such as on this site and in our digital display in the Grand Foyer for donors at $500 and up.

  • What is an "Object Love Letter"?

    We’ve heard many stories from Museum visitors and donors about why they love the NHM and our collections. Inspired by these stories, the Object of Affection program invites donors to send us stories about why they support the Museum or why they chose their particular object. We look forward to hearing your story!

  • Can I sponsor multiple objects?

    Yes, we’d love for you to sponsor more than one object! In fact Object sponsorships make wonderful gifts.

  • Can I sponsor an object for another person?

    Yes, and what a lovely gesture! Just be sure to enter your gift recipient’s name in the “Recognition Name” portion of the check out form. When you finish checking out you will receive a certificate to print at home or email for presentation to your loved one.

  • Do I have to pay the cost all at once?

    We have an option to pay in four quarterly installments. Just follow the checkout process and be sure to select this option. Your card will be automatically charged every three months.

  • How long will my recognition last?

    The Object Sponsorships are intended as a long-term recognition program and are considered semi-permanent. As such, your name will appear on our digital screen for many years to come.

  • What is the sponsorship money going towards?

    Object of Affection donations will support NHM programs and exhibitions.

  • Am I paying for the Museum to obtain this object?

    No, the objects and specimens highlighted in the Object of Affection program are already housed here at NHM, either on long-term loan or as part of our collections. Funds generated from the Object of Affection campaign will be directed to NHM programs and exhibitions.

  • Once all objects are sold out, will I have any more chances to sponsor?

    We hope so. We want the Object of Affection campaign to be so successful that we will need to add new items in a year’s time.

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